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Here at CMS we take pride in our ability to provide our customers with a variety of telecom and network equipment. If you need it for your Network or Head-End System CMS can provide it for you!


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No need to worry, the team at CMS has the ability to provide you with any type of broadband, telecom and/or networking equipment that you are looking for. Anything that we do not have in our inventory can be acquired for and delivered to you in as little as 2 business days!

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Popular Cisco / Scientific Atlanta Models

CMS is proud to offer the full line of Cisco / Scientific Atlanta products including but not limited to, Digital Receivers, Digital Decoders, Digital Encoders, Digital Transport, RF Electronics, Taps, Passives, Network Monitoring and Network Management Units.


Cisco PowerVu D9828

The PowerVu multiple decryption receiver demodulates, receives and decrypts multiple PowerVu encrypted MPEG-2/DVB Didgital programs delivered via satellite or terrestrial interface. Decoded composite video and balanced audio outputs are provided for monitoring purposes. Digital cable program distribution ASI and DHEI transport outputs are provided for digital tier program deliver to cable head-ends or direct-to-home networks. This ensures that the highest quality video programs are efficiently distributed to households equipped with digital set-top boxes.


scientific atlanta D9850

The Cisco PowerVu mdoel D9850 program receiver is designed for satellite content distribution applications requiring 4:2:0 video decoding. The D9850 program receiver is designed to receive digitally encrypted video, audio, vertical blanking interval (VBI) data and utility data. The PowerVu D9850 is the first IRD in the new generation of Scientific Atlanta PowerVu products specifically designed to address the needs of the cable head-end. With its small footprint, ease of use and setup, the D9850 delivers powerful solutions for both cable operators and programmers alike.


Scientific Atlanta D9852

The Cisco PowerVu D9852 is a dual decrypt program receiver that is designed for satellite content distributions requiring simultaneous decryption of two programs (i.e., the decode channel and the auxiliary channel) for digital tier program distribution. The D9852’s built in decoder (for the decode channel) is capable of decoding a Standard Definition (SD) program for analog tier distribution. This PowerVu dual decrypt program receiver provides a convenient migration platform for broadcasters launching High Definition (HD) programming as it supports one SD program decoded for the analog tier and program pass-through for the digital tier. The Scientific Atlanta D9852’s dual decryption capabilities allows for a second HD program to be decrypted and passed through for the digital tier, simultaneously.


Cisco PowerVu D9854

The Cisco/Scientific Atlanta D9854 is an advanced program receiver designed for satellite and terrestrial content distribution applications requiring Digital Video Broadcasting-Satellite (DVB-S), Digital Video Broadcasting – Satellite 0 Second Generation (DVB-S2) and IP reception capabilities with advanced digital outputs for digital tier program distribution. The D9854 receiver has a built-in decoded that can decode an MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding (AVC) HD Program for analog monitoring, or standard definition down-conversion for composite. The D9854 also has the ability to decode MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 AVC SD programs for analog and SDI output. This advanced program receiver comes with RG, ASI and MPEGoIP output combined with a high-quality SDI or HD-SDI output and optional MPEGoIP output.


Cisco PowerVu D9858

The Scientific Atlanta D9858 PowerVu advanced receiver trans-coder provides users the ability to deiver MPEG-4 HD Services to MPEG-2 CATV Head-Ends. The D9858 receiver extends the distribution options for MPEG-4 AVC HD from solely MPEG-4 environments to existing MPEG-2 networks. Support for simultaneous dual-channel decryption and trans-coding provides the advantage of density for locations that require more than a single channel. The D9858 receiver trans-coder can be utilized to provide a down-converted Standard Definition (SD) MPEG-2 program instead of one or both of the available trans-coded programs. Video and two audio outputs are also availabile for analog down-conversion for one of the decrypted incoming MPEG-4 HD programs.



Popular Arris / Motorola Models

CMS offers a variety of Motorola / Arris Broadband electronic equipment, including DigiCipher Satellite receivers, Satellite Multiplex Decrypters, Integrated Receivers/Decoders, Digital Set-Top Boxes, RF Amplifiers, Taps, Passives and many more.


The Arris / Motorola DSR-4400 is a DigiCipher II Economical Commercial IRD, Advanced Digital Satellite Receiver for SMATV and basic cable operations. The DSR-4400 is an affordable digital satellite receiver that is easy to use. Compliant with MPEG-2 international standards for video and transport, the DSR-4400 is designed to deliver outstanding video and audio performance in an economical package. This particular Arris / Motorola receiver can output either NTSC or PAL video Formats, automatically matching the programmer’s video format.

Motorola DSR4400 Satellite receiver


The Motorola DSR-4400MD Satellite multiplex Decrypter is a powerful digital Head-end product, capable of simultaneous decryption of up to 24 services / 72 PIDs. Whether your applications is to feed a 256 QAM channel of a 64 QAM Channel, the Motorola DSR-4400MD is a great fit. With the Arris DSR-4400MD, you can output a full MPEG-2 multiplex at an information rate of 38.8 Mbps or 26.97 Mbps, depending on your specific need. The DSR-4400MD also comes equipped with industry standard interfaces that enable seamless connection to DigiCipher II IRT-1000/2000, MPS Remultiplexer and other broadband equipment for cable encryption and cable modulation.

Motorola DSR-4400MD Satellite Multiplex Decrypter


The Motorola DSR4410 Integrated Receiver/Decoder (IRD) brings the latest technology advances from Motorola, one of the top leaders in satellite program delivery. Building on the DigiCipher II platform, the DSR-4410 is easy to use and designed to deliver outstanding video and audio performance. The 4410 IRD can output either NTSC or PAL video formats, automatically matching the programmer’s video format. With a variable front end and bypass capabilities, the Motorola DSR-4410 is ideally suited for network conversion from analog to digital. Equipped with DVP ASI input and output, the DSR-4410 is ready to connect to the rest of your Headend equipment whenever and where ever you are.

Motorola DSR-4410 Integrated Receiver/Decoder


The Motorola DSR-4410MD Satellite Multiplex Decrypter is a powerful digital headend product, capable of simultaneous decryption of up to 64 services. With advanced modulation support, the DSR-4410MD can output a full transport multiplex with both MPEG-2 and/or MPEG-4 services at an information rate of up to 160 Mbps. The Motorola DSR-4410MD comes equipped with industry standard interfaces including dual ASI outputs that enable seamless connection to head-end system equipment. the 4410MD also accommodates the current trend for distributing MPEG-2 transport streams over Gigabit Ethernet interfaces throughout digital head end systems.

Motorola DSR-4410MD Satellite Multiplex Decrypter


The DSR-6000 is a commercial Integrated Receiver/Decoder that brings revolutionary technology advances from Motorola, a recognized leader in satellite program delivery. By Building on the existing 6000 Integrated Receiver/Decoder product family, the DSR-6000 is capable of decoding MPEG-2 services and delivering outstanding video and audio performance in an easy to use unit. The Motorola DSR-6000 is designed to fit in a standard 19″ relay rack, requiring only a single rack unit of space, and comes equipped with industry standard output interfaces including Gig-E and Dual ASI outputs, that enable seamless connection to other broadband equipment. The DSR-6000 is also equipped with advanced modulation support that allows it to support both DVB-S QPSK and DVB-S2 QPSK/8PSK.

Motorola DSR-6000 Commercial Integrated Receiver Transcoder


The DSR-6100 Integrated Receiver/Transcoder is Motorola’s next generation commercial satellite receiver/transcoder. The Motorola DSR-6100 comes equipped with industry standard output interfaces, including Gig-E and ASI that enable seamless connections to head-end system equipment. Packaged in a slick 1 RU chassis, the DSR-6100 is capable of transcoding 1 MPEG-4 HD service and outputting MPEG-2 HD and or SD Service. The DSR-6100 is also out fitted with advanced modulation support which allows it to support DVB-S2 8PSK.

Motorola DSR-6100 Integrated Receiver/Transcoder

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